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Vital Resus Australia has three Technical Service Divisions and can help you care for almost all of your medical equipment servicing needs.

Medical Equipment Servicing

Our highly trained technical team have the best equipment to thoroughly inspect, test and service all medical equipment/devices to ensure that your equipment gets the best care possible.

Biomedical Testing & Calibrating

Our mobile technicians conduct ‘on-site’ biomedical testing of specialised medical equipment.  Carrying out this medical equipment servicing on-site minimises downtime and increases possible revenue for those items under service for the customer. Our team of qualified specialist technicians can test most medical items to ensure maximum efficiency, extended equipment life and accuracy in parameters.  Vital Resus Australia has invested heavily in the purchase of state-of-the-art biomedical testing equipment & training; this ensures maximum accuracy and streamlined testing methods to reduce test time.

·         ECG & Defibrillation (AED’s) ·         Pathology fridges
·         Cryogenics ·         Monitors
·         Hyfrecators & Spirometry ·         Blood Glucose Monitors
·         Sphygmomanometers & other specific devices

Vital Resus Australia also sells many of the products or spare parts for most of the items that we service.  Our service customers benefit from a significant discount on these as part of our offering.


Medical & Scientific Gas Systems Servicing

Vital Resus Australia service medical gas and scientific systems in house & ‘on-site’ to minimise equipment downtime, all workmanship is covered by our generous warranty to give total peace of mind to our service customers.  Our customers include the entire Hunter New England Area Health Service (since 2008), EMS, Surf, Aged care, research, rad-oncol, Military & Council.  Devices include:-

·         Oxygen regulators ·         Oxy-Viva type resuscitators
·         Medical gas manifolds ·         Oxygen delivery (fixed & portable)
·         Flowmeters & Suction ·         DVR’s & BVM’s

Mechanical Medical Equipment Servicing & Repair

Our mobile technicians have a vast range of technical skill and experience in medical equipment servicing and maintaining the mechanical equipment/furniture associated with healthcare sites including nursing homes and hospitals.  Again, this service is performed on-site to minimise downtime.

·         Beds ·         Electric recliners
·         Lifters ·         Patient baths/shower beds
·         Wheelchairs ·         Air-chairs & Walkers

Service Intervals, Legislation & Periodical Maintenance Schedules

There are many regulations regarding the intervals between scheduled servicing, testing and maintenance of equipment.  Often, monitoring these intervals can be a time consuming and sometimes expensive task.  Furthermore, failing to meet these obligations may affect the ability to continue trading (accreditation). Some of the regulations and intervals are listed below;

  • Oxygen regulators, Suction, Medical Gas Manifolds, Oxy-Vivas – annual service plus a major service every three years – Australian Standards
  • Oxygen flow-meters – minimum annual service or every six months for those used frequently – Manufacturer recommendation
  • Biomedical Testing/calibrating – recommended annual service, minimum period every three years to comply with healthcare accreditation – manufacturer recommendation
  • Beds, Lifters and other mechanical medical items – annual service – Australian Standards (also includes electrical mechanical equipment)
  • First Aid & CPR Training, inc. refresher re Legislation – Australian, NZ Resuscitation Board

Vital Resus Australia tests & services equipment either at 6 or 12 month intervals dependent on the use of the equipment and can ease the burden of managing services and meeting legislation with our benchmark Customer Asset Management System.

Customer Asset Management System

As a Vital Resus Australia customer, you can be confident that we are not only looking after the medical equipment servicing needs of your equipment and staff, we will manage your assets and the data associated with all of our services.  This lessens the need for your organisation to monitor the periodical maintenance, accreditation requirements, legislative obligations or currency of staff training.  Our team will enter service/training details into our comprehensive database which allows us to monitor periods between our visits.

  • Service/maintenance periods/intervals to conform to Australian Standards/Manufacturer recommendations & Certificates of currency
  • Expiry on key components, like defib electrodes
  • Due dates for individual staff members for First Aid*/CPR refresher training
  • Warranty details for equipment and all work conducted by Vital Resus Australia Technicians
  • Reports on work conducted exported to your system to keep as your records

Access Your Data On Our System

As a Vital Resus Australia customer, you can access your data when you need!  With a simple user name and password, you can log in and start the journey from Head office, through multiple site locations, to rooms, to equipment list and then to any item that we service and everything about it.  Perfect, with key points: –

  • Multiple access levels
  • Simple drill down system for ALL your equipment
  • Complete history of item service works