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Procedure for Cleaning Twin-O-Vac Suction System

Introduction The Twin-O-Vac suction system may require cleaning. This may be due to incorrect, or lack of, filter usage, or by over-filling. This document will explain the recommended procedures for cleaning. Please note: Suction hose and filters are single use consumables and should be discarded after such use. Failure to replace partially or fully blocked filters will cause the system to ope...
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Procedure for Changing Twin-O-Vac Bacteria Filters

Introduction The Twin-O-Vac is an oxygen powered suction system that also has two high-pressure outlets to attach auxiliary equipment such as flowmeters. To protect the operator and patient from the possible transmission of air and fluid borne bacteria, the system also incorporates two viral bacterial filters. This article will explain the process of changing these filters. Please note: Fil...
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