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Procedure for Cleaning Twin-O-Vac Suction System

Introduction The Twin-O-Vac suction system may require cleaning. This may be due to incorrect, or lack of, filter usage, or by over-filling. This document will explain the recommended procedures for cleaning. Please note: Suction hose and filters are single use consumables and should be discarded after such use. Failure to replace partially or fully blocked filters will cause the system to ope...
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Procedure for Changing Twin-O-Vac Bacteria Filters

Introduction The Twin-O-Vac is an oxygen powered suction system that also has two high-pressure outlets to attach auxiliary equipment such as flowmeters. To protect the operator and patient from the possible transmission of air and fluid borne bacteria, the system also incorporates two viral bacterial filters. This article will explain the process of changing these filters. Please note: Fil...
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Other Facilities

We provide medical equipment servicing for a range of other facilities including, education institutions, sport and recreational clubs along with all businesses. Examples of services include sale and service of defibrillator (AED) equipment, oxy-viva equipment along with all other medical gas equipment and bio-medical equipment.
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GPs & Specialists

With our range of experienced technicians, we provide hassle free servicing and supply of medical equipment for GP and Specialist Practices. Providing bio-medical, medical gas and mechanical servicing and selling high quality products allows you to rely on your equipment when you need it. No more compliance headaches with our Australian Standard maintenance program.
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Aged Care Facilities

We offer a holistic offering to Aged Care Facilities to meet all equipment needs. We provide sales and servicing for bio-medical, medical gas and mechanical equipment in Aged Care Facilities. Working closely with our customers is an important part of our business to ensure that their equipment works when it is needed and effectively partnering to ensure all maintenance needs are exceeded.
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Vital Resus was founded in 1993 by Danny Chard and is located in Warners Bay NSW providing services Australia wide. Our highly trained team offer an extremely high level of knowledge, support and service. Also incorporating the sale of specific first aid, medical and training equipment, we again demonstrate our commitment to providing excellence by ensuring the training and support on all items so...
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