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About Us

We maintain our promise of making
each and every customer feel
truly valued and supported.

Vital Resus Australia with customers

Danny Chard formed Vital Resus in 1993 after a professional career as a Lifeguard and Helicopter Rescue Crewman both regionally and abroad.  From the experienced gained, particularly from Aeromedical Rescue and Transport he started Vital Resus by instructing community, business and industry CPR and advanced resuscitation techniques.  The Company further developed by selling resuscitation and medical devices and by demand formulated the third element of the business being the technical service division.

Beyond two decades later and as a dedicated Sales, Service & Training organisation, Vital Resus Australia Pty Ltd, is a Market Leader and the only National business that offers such extensive services to the broader Community and Healthcare Markets.


On a product SALES level Vital Resus Australia understands customer needs being historically patient and user focused and as part of a committed Local & International Manufacturer and Supplier Network can provide and / or source most medical products, devices & consumables at competitive rates, on time.


The second division TECHNICAL SERVICE has three sub-divisions, being MEDICAL GAS EQUIPMENT, BIOMEDICAL, & MECHANICAL and supported by a highly trained, accredited and equipped Technical Service Team is done thoroughly and to the highest manufacturer and National standards transparently, effectively and efficiently.


TRAINING is real life and relative, conducted in most cases on site by seasoned instructor / assessors and as a (Standalone) REGISTERED TRAINING ORGANISATION is NATIONALLY RECOGNISED!

 Asset Management

Collecting, collating and sharing this information (Asset Management) is done by design with the company’s own Data Base ‘Timeframe’, an industry bench mark program that began in 2008 for the Hunter New England Area Health Services Program and has continued to improve and evolve since.

Vital Resus Australia is a long term highly regarded business that can conduct services traditionally managed by up to four or more providers, manage for the customer the associated assets and information, and ensure this work is done on time, within budget.